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Streamlining the process of quoting and ordering titles

Greenlight creates operational efficiencies by embedding quoting, order, and title doc receipts within a lender’s operating system.

Mortgage Lender

Replace manual touchpoints with technology

  • Import payees, amounts and naming info to 2015 itemization.

  • Securely transfer loan docs for title.

  • Receive title docs directly into your e-folders.

Instant Title Quotes & Ordering

  • Instantly run a title quote without ever leaving your LOS.

  • No rekeying. Place a title order with just a few clicks.

  • Automatically pass loan and contact data to the title agent

Real-time changes

No need to wait for the next system release.

Title and Settlement Agent

What does Greenlight offer to Title & Settlement Agent?

  • Eliminate quoting inconsistencies reducing shortages.

  • Automatically uploaded quote copies, so you don’t get stuck with the cost to cure.

  • Opportunity to instantly increase your footprint and monetize additional states.

  • Provide partners with a streamlined quoting and ordering solution.

  • Receive lender docs at order placement to assist with title clearance.

  • Reduce CD balancing revisions by ensuring title and recording fees are an exact match.

Let’s work together

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