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Greenlight Connects

With over a decade of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry, our team recognized a problem with how lenders and title companies communicated. The market had a few products, but no one got it quite right.

Innovators in Technology and Integration

Drawing upon our knowledge of what was working (and what wasn’t), Greenlight sought to create a more streamlined way for lenders to pull quotes, place orders, pass docs, and communicate with their preferred title companies.

Our founders recognized the importance of technology and integration early in their decades-long experience in the mortgage and title space. Creating and adopting/adapting products missing from the title space quickly became their mantra, and as the industry grew, the products they created were used as the foundation.

The Greenlight Evolution

The founders of Greenlight were part of the team that built, scaled, and operated one of the nation’s largest independent title insurance agents, leading to a $96 million exit in 2016. The company’s core focus was to provide industry-leading service and develop cutting-edge solutions for the title and mortgage closing industry.

During that time, and with that focus in mind, a wholly owned technology entity was launched to offer an end-to-end solution allowing lenders to work with their title agents directly from within their loan origination system.

Meeting our users’ needs

Greenlight Connect is focused on continuing to move the needle and expand available technology to meet the multi-faceted needs of our customers.

With multiple solutions in the marketplace, Greenlight seeks to be the one-stop shop for all 3rd party service needs. Tackling industry issues to simplify them for our partners is key to our core strategy.

Let’s work together

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