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Driven by Innovation

 Streamline Your Processes

 Eliminate Errors & Inefficiencies

 Simplified Set Up

 Instant & Accurate Quoting

 Fully Integrated Solution

 Real-Time Updates

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Instant Title Fees & Ordering

Greenlight provides instant title quotes and enables real-time ordering through your Loan Operating System in all 50 states.

Eliminate Extra Steps

Our Greenlight technology automatically utilizes data from your LOS to assign lender contacts, quote discounted/reissue title insurance rates and open orders without rekeying information.

Real Time Changes

Greenlight can auto-populate your SSPL and change naming conventions and line item rollups in your itemization with just the click of a button. No more waiting for the next release!

Simplified Set Up

Greenlight provides full support to integration customers and multiple pricing options depending on the level of support needed for setup.

Exchange Documents

Select documents form your e-folder or desktop to securely transfer at the time of order entry and receive title docs back directly to your selected e-folder.

Eye to the Future

Drawing upon over a decade of innovation experience within the industry, our team has big plans to continue to add services to the Greenlight suite.


Available as a standalone product or as part of a full product suite.

 Flexible Free Naming
Real Time Updates
Customized Line Mapping


Real time data on your subject property is just a click away.

 Property Data
Lender Title Decision Report
Lien Reports


Condense your title solutions to save time and money.

 Instant Fee Estimates
Document Transmission
Single Click Title Ordering
Direct Import to 2015 Itemization
Customized Folder Mapping

   Title company
Win and retain more business utilizing Greenlight’s technology suite.

 No Touch Title Orders
Automated Quote Updates
Automated File Data Extraction From LOS
Increase Footprint with Workshare Services
Free Quotes Saved to File


 Focus on customer service
 Reduce data entry cost to serve
 Minimize errors and avoid cures

Drive Business

 Access broader range of tools
 Leverage 50 state coverage
 Sell as an integrated solution


 Customize to fit your workflow
 Utilize any or all products
 Configure to suit your needs


 Same day changes and updates
 Dedicated customer service team
 Self-manage options

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